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How Safe Is Bottled Gas?

Bottled gas is a convenient commodity that is accompanied by a wide variety of benefits. However, there are always safety concerns when it comes to flammable gas and pressurised containers. Fortunately, this type of energy source has been in circulation for decades and is deemed reasonably safe if it is used appropriately.

But the question is, how safe is bottled gas?

With this in mind, we’ve created an overview of the safety and the benefits it provides.

Bottled Gas Health & Safety

Bottled gas is heavily governed by government health and safety standards in order to protect the health of those producing, transporting and using the product. You can find information on the appropriate drum/cylinder handling on the UK HSE website, or you can read below for a brief overview.

If the standards mentioned below are adhered to, gas is a very safe and beneficial source of energy for your home.


Storage is an important aspect of the safe handling of bottled gas. Its proximity to other hazardous materials along with exposure to the elements will dictate the appropriate storage. We recommend keeping bottles in a dry, well-ventilated area in order to maintain the required safety standards.


The biggest danger of bottled gas is found in its transportation. As with any flammable material and pressurised container, impact is the biggest risk of fire and explosion. We advise transporting your bottles securely, and within road regulations to ensure no accidents happen involving loose bottles.

The Benefits Of Bottled Gas

Now that we’ve established how safe this product is, we can explore the benefits that accompany its use. There’s a variety of perks to using this product, please see below for a more detailed analysis:


Due to its manoeuvrable nature, bottled gas provides versatility that other energy sources do not. Mains cables and solar are static installations that cannot be moved easily by an unqualified individual. However, it can be switched between a BBQ, a caravan or even your home whenever you please, providing versatility.

bottles of gas lined up


Bottled gas is a cost-effective energy option, especially for mobile homes. With the ability to trade your empty bottles for full ones, you save cost not only in that way, but in the ability to turn it off and on at your leisure.

bottles of gas lined up


Depending on the size of your bottle gas canister, you’ll find that larger models last a long time. Of course, this is dependent on its use. However, the versatility and ability to turn the canister off and on means you’re in control of how much gas gets used, and when.

bottled gases

Choose Dormer Plant Hire For Bottle Gas

If you’re looking for bottled gas from a business you can trust, then look no further than Dormer Plant Hire. We’ve been established for over 30 years and pride ourselves on safe, high-quality products. For more information on our range of products, get in touch with us today.

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