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How To Maintain Equipment During Tool Hire

Tool hire is a valuable service for those working on a building project. Construction equipment can be expensive, and value for money is not achieved if you only intend to use the tool for a short period of time. Therefore, being able to temporarily hire machinery for a few days/weeks means you can complete a task without major investment. However, it’s important to understand that all hired equipment needs to be returned in good condition. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide on tool maintenance, to help you avoid any unforeseen costs.

Step One: Read The Operations Manual

First of all, whether the tool you’re hiring is a breaker, disc cutter, compactor or drill, you’ll want to understand how it works, and the safety requirements. This is to ensure nobody gets injured during use, ans also to help keep the tool in working condition. We recommend reading the operations manual to fully understand how to use the tool correctly, this way you can avoid any misuse and consequential damage.

tool hire operators manual

Step Two: Allow The Tool To Rest During The Hire

Now that you understand the correct use of your tool hire. It’s essential to give your equipment a break too. Often, the owner’s manual does not come with a disclaimer about overheating. However, when working hard, a tool can become extremely hot, and this can risk damage to internal components. If you’re breaking out a particularly tough piece of concrete, or compacting a large area of sub-base, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature of the tool, and give it a rest once in a while. This will help prevent damage and as a result, extra costs.

safe tool hire use

Step Three: Store Your Hire Tool Appropriately

Correct use is not the only technique required to ensure the safety of tool hire. Storage is just as crucial. Leaving equipment out in the rain, or exposed for theft can result in costly invoices from your tool hire company. Some tools are water-resistant, but some are not. Likewise, some tools are very expensive to purchase and can be a target for thieves. Be sure to store equipment in a cool, dry and secure location to remedy these risks.

tool hire storage

Step Four: Clean & Pack Away Tools Carefully

The final stage of tool hire maintenance is packing your equipment away as you found it. However, not before giving it a good clean. Returning your tools in the same condition as they were handed to you is the best way to ensure no cleaning fees. This can be done with a brush and a damp cloth to wipe away any mud or build-up of dust.

tool hire cleaning

Choose Dormer Plant Hire For Quality Tool Hire

If you’re looking for professional tool hire then look no further than Dormer Plant Hire. All our equipment is top-of-the-line and expertly maintained to ensure you can complete any project swiftly and to a high standard. For more information, get in touch with one of our team today.

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