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Plant Hire: The Essential Guide

Plant hire is crucial for certain large-scale construction projects. Whether you’re hiring diggers, dumpers, rollers or access equipment will depend on the job you’re working on. It’s important to understand correct user techniques to maintain health and safety standards and avoid damage to machinery.

With this in mind, we’ve developed an essential guide to plant hire, so you can be confident in the equipment you’re hiring.

What Is Plant Hire?

Plant hire saves expense on purchasing machinery that you only need for a short time. It’s the process of contacting a professional service to deliver and pick up the plant during a specific set of times. This way, you can complete speciality work conveniently without large financial investment. Diggers, dumpers, rollers and access equipment are just a few of the options you have at your disposal with Dormer Plant Hire.

Plant Hire Health & Safety

One of the key aspects of all machinery usage is health and safety. There are certification requirements and techniques developed by professionals that keep machinery in good working order. They also protect the public, the user and surrounding tradesmen.

Please see below for a more extensive look at health and safety requirements for plant hire:

Risk Assessments

It’s important to carry out a risk assessment on all works taking place with heavy plant. These large bits of kit are dangerous when handled inappropriately. 

So we recommend assessing the risks involved with your job, as well as researching how to carry it out safely.


It’s essential that the operator of your hired machinery is certified and competent. These machines are expensive and capable of a lot of damage to both people and the environment. A CPCS Excavator 360° license is required for all excavators over 1 tonne. Other operator licenses are required for more simple plant, such as dumpers and rollers.

Your Responsibility As The Customer

When you hire a piece of machinery, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good condition. We understand that wear and tear is inevitable for all equipment. However, accidental damage, or running a machine inappropriately by using the wrong fuel or not checking oil levels can leave you liable for collateral damage expenses. It’s important to look after all equipment you hire to avoid this.

Contact Dormer Plant Hire For High-Quality Machinery

As a business that’s been operating for over 30 years, we understand the importance of well-maintained, modern machinery. For a range of high-quality plant to hire, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today to find out more.

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