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The Different Types Of Garden Machinery

Garden machinery is there for when hand tools just won’t do the job. They are costly to buy outright and require fuel to power. However, they can make short work of a difficult job compared to hand alternatives, and fortunately, there are a variety of hire options to mitigate the wholesale cost. Therefore, if you’re interested in renting garden machinery, we’ve put together a list of the different types and a short description of what they’re used for.

strimmer cutting grass


A Strimmer is the best type of machinery for cutting those tough areas of your garden. It’s identified by a long metal pole, powered by an engine leading to a head. Furthermore, the head has a variety of attachments including blades, chains, wire and more.


Whether it’s a steep incline on your lawn or a patch of hardy brambles, a strimmer is perfect for tackling difficult areas. A brush cutter head will make short work of hardy weeds, whilst the wire head can trim lawn edges and awkward spots.

hedge trimmer on topiary

Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer shares similarities with a chainsaw, in that it’s an engine with an extension used to cut hedges. However, the hedge trimmer uses serrated blades running back and forth in a concentric flow to trim your hedge. You could look at it as a giant pair of powerful scissors.


As you can imagine, a hedge trimmer is used to trim hedges. This means whether you have a large laurel hedge that needs regular heavy pruning, or a topiary box hedge that needs attention to detail, you can do it all with one piece of garden machinery.

rotavator digging garden


A rotavator is the ideal piece of garden machinery for turning soil. It can pull itself through the soil with a set of rotating shovel blades and makes short work of preparing your vegetable area. As a result, be sure to hire a rotavator next spring to save yourself time and effort.


Rotavators are perfect for turning soil, allowing for aeration. What’s more, they can help you mix in organic matter such as manure to create an even growing medium.


Think of an auger as a big soil drill. It’s shaped like a ‘T’ presenting two handles and an engine at the top. With a cylindrical drill piece protruding down towards the ground, this type of garden machinery is easily identifiable. What’s more, an auger is infinitely useful for hard landscaping.


You can use an auger for drilling fence post holes. Hand tools can only go so far, and if you have a big fence to erect, and you need to get it done fast, then an auger can complete this job in a fraction of the time compared to spades and spikes.

wood chipper in garden

Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is often powered by a generator or the PTO shaft of a tractor. As a result, it’s a fantastic piece of garden machinery designed to turn old timber and brush into useful wood chips to spread in your garden.


A wood chipper can create mulch from branches, sticks and bits of natural wood. This mulch can be used decoratively, and to help feed your garden beds at the same time. If you have a big pile of garden waste and you don’t want it to be lost or burnt, we recommend a wood chipper hire.

ride on lawn mower

Lawn Mower

Ride-on lawnmowers look like miniature tractors. They’re fitted with the same blades on the base as a standard lawn mower, only they can manoeuvre a lot faster, and cut your lawn much more efficiently than standard push-along versions


Garden machinery like a small tractor or ride-on lawnmower can be used for commercial or large-scale grass cutting. Additionally, they can cover a considerable amount of distance, without requiring much physical exertion. Perfect for golf courses and manor gardens.

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